Please note that for IF/Then Short Doc Pitch the running time must be under 40 minutes.

Please note that for IF/Then Short Doc Pitch maximum length is 3 minutes.

The previous work of the director will be used only for a purpose of selection.

All credits are optional.

Specify your plans, how to close your financing gap and the amount you request from IF/Then (not more than USD $20,000). How will this funding be used to complete the short documentary? Please, note the requested amount should allow you to complete the short within 3 to 6 months of receiving the grant.

Please fill in all required fields

Production timeline includes production and post-production stage

Please provide a valid time frame

How many % of the final film you have shot already, what do you miss in terms of the story, financing, production. Indicate also if your access to your character(s) and location(s) are secured.

Please, list the territories sold, partners involved and pending. Please, specify your marketing and distribution strategy. How do you plan to reach out further audiences and industry partners, list the key marketing elements. Include any challenges you might face. Please, confirm that your documentary is an original film with no prior distribution secured.

Where do you see the campaign potential for your film? What partners do you plan to rech out to?

I.e. how will your story engage audiences across the specified media and campaign.

If yes, please specify which ones with relevant dates.

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